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COMFY - the first multi-channel retailer in Ukraine and the leader of the retail market of home appliances and electronics in the network segment. Today the network is represented by 65 modern shops in 36 cities of Ukraine.

COMFY first store was opened in Krivoy Rog in December 2005. Two years later, joining the network "Byttekhnika", the company entered to the top-3 among retailers selling home appliances and electronics in Ukraine.

In the crisis of 2008-2009, when many retailers are forced to cut back the pace of development, or even leave the market, network COMFY become the most dynamic in terms of development - the increase in the number of stores over 2 years amounted to almost 65%. During these years, COMFY first introduced Ukraine professional store format.

Format of COMFY - it is a large area of the store, of course the location of the goods, easy navigation inside the store, the high service standards, and the availability of brand-zones.

Today COMFY - the first retailer in Ukraine, which is actively developing its multi-channel sales. You can buy goods in COMFY in any convenient way: online or offline store, call center or mobile application.

There are presented online more than 10,000 items, including exclusive models of home appliances, electronics and accessories.